Private House Padua

CLIENT: Private

LOCATION: Padua, Italy


Interior Design; 3 floors + panoramic rooftop

Living room, Dining room, Show Kitchen and working kitchen, Studio, Music Room, Laundry, Terrace with swimming pool and outdoor kitchen with barbecue. 4 bedrooms (master, secondary, guest, service) with private bathroom, 1 guest bathroom.

SITE AREA/BUILT UP AREA: 600 m2 over 4 floors

DATE: 2020 – 2021


The interior design project by Studio Marco Piva for this private home, located in the heart of Padua with a panoramic view of the entire city, emphasises the existing spaces and highlights the historical character of the Art Nouveau architecture of the building.

The aim of the project was to develop a functional continuity between the architecture and the interior design, in accord with the requirements of the client, who wanted to create a refined and elegant home environment, one that is contemporary yet, at the same time, complements the monumental features of the building with the pre-existing works of art and furnishings that they wanted to retain.

Lualdi, in addition to undertaking a careful study of the finishes, has also realized all the tailor-made doors and boiserie, as well as the elevator cabin. Indeed, the company is able to respond with expertise to any design requirement in the contract sector in general, and in the residential sector in particular, thanks to its ability to interpret the tastes and technical requirements of designers. The Wall & Door partition system, for example, has been entirely covered in leather in order to integrate aesthetically with the surrounding environment that the product in itself is capable of modulating.

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