Describing a door 

The Lualdi showroom at Foro Buonaparte 74 in Milan reopens to the public as a new mono-brand space, the result of a restyling project by Piero Lissoni that brings to the fore the very modern and international soul of the company.

The location is the same, the former Olympia Theater, a cherished place for Milan in the early 1900s and one that has now been home to the Lualdi brand for many years.

And it is precisely this place of spectacle that has been chosen to launch the concept developed by the architect Piero Lissoni, the company’s Art Director and advocate of the project: “The former Olympia Theater is a place that by its very nature lends itself to narration. In developing the new fit-out, we did no more than respect the soul of this location, transforming it into a theatrical setting, ready to act as a backdrop for ever new stories. In this context, the doors fulfill different functions: central characters or totally hidden, they produce a sequence of environments in a kind of artistic labyrinth”.

The new entrance to the showroom, with its long corridor leading to the internal courtyard, becomes a place of welcome, immediately immersing the visitor in an experience that recounts the tradition and expertise of the brand. This then leads to the heart of the exhibition space which occupies about 500 square meters, the first area featuring two modules fitted out with a wide range of doors and partitions that extend upwards. Moving forward, we reach a second area which hosts the more distinctive spaces of the exhibition, where the brand’s products come to life within authentic environments: from the living room to the bathroom, from the home office to the kitchen.

This choice not only allows the company to set the individual products in a realistic context within the exhibition space in order to demonstrate their functional and aesthetic aspects, but also enables it to experiment with finishes, styles and new combinations, testifying to the ability of the Lualdi products to influence and define the synergy of the architecture.

The showroom layout therefore guides the visitors along a path that narrates a story, enabling them to interact both physically and emotionally with the objects. “Describing a door – explains Piero Lissoni – is a serious matter. Doors are serious business. A mysterious object that takes us from one dimension to another, from one environment to another. It is not simply a hole in the wall: the door is an element full of meaning, a true entity in itself that composes and curates the space”.

And it is even more so for Lualdi, who have succeeded in reinventing spaces with doors and partition systems, creating new possibilities for interiors. By developing integrated solutions for architectures and conducting research on materials, Lualdi has managed to go beyond the traditional and codified process of door production, making it a unique reality with its own story.

“We felt the need for a space that could represent the company, one capable of bringing out the tradition and values that distinguish all our products – says Alberto Lualdi, CEO. “The goal was to communicate a real lifestyle concept that encapsulates what Lualdi has to offer, one based on that manufacturing flexibility that has always driven the company’s business”. A flexibility that translates into bespoke productions, personalized service and tailor-made solutions that over the years has enabled Lualdi to become a favored partner of architectural firms and allowed it to build a worldwide distribution network. Today, the brand stands out not only in the residential sector, but also in the field of large contract projects.

“We thought of the new showroom as an international showcase for the company’s products and philosophy – says Pierluigi Lualdi, Marketing Director and Head of the Contract Division. More than a space, an itinerary that narrates the Lualdi concept of living to all our stakeholders, with solutions that combine research, technology, craftsmanship and customization”.

The new mono-brand store is in fact part of a broader corporate strategy aimed at creating new spaces in principal cities worldwide, with the purpose of increasing the export share which has stood at around 65 percent over the last three years. “We are examining some locations in Italy and abroad – concludes Pierluigi Lualdi – that could be opened both directly and in partnership with our local distributors in order to consolidate our presence in our key markets of Asia, Russia and America, evaluating the possibility of expansion into new countries”.

And while Lualdi looks to the future in an international context, it also maintains its origins and its connection with Milan, the city to which it is intrinsically linked and to which it owes the origin of its success as Olga Lualdi, the  Communications Manager, explains: “Milan has a strongly symbolic value for the brand because our history as a design company began and developed thanks to the close relationship with those architects who were the driving force behind the city’s reconstruction that began in the 1950s, in particular Luigi Caccia Dominioni, the foremost exponent of that Milanese style that marked the history of design and architecture of the second half of the 20th century. Products such as the LCD62 or the Super door several years later are the perfect symbols of that industrial turning point which over the years has developed and evolved, so determining the company’s entry into the world of design”.

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