#MyDoors by Lualdi was a success: a new event is set for the fall 2020

Lualdi’s recent #MyDoors initiative has proved to be a great success, but also an instrument of incredible value that has allowed us to discover the endless stylistic and symbolic meanings of the door – one of the most present objects in everyone’s life.

We are grateful to have received participations from all over the world: the photographs you shared have been countless, and they all have given us the chance to “enter” your world and observe it through your eyes.

Never before the door has taken a new meaning: an emblem of contact with a world that needs to be kept at a safe distance, at least momentarily; on the other hand, the border that marks what’s most private, intimate and household.

Observing the dualism in the photographs shot by users was a truly unique opportunity to feel closer even when distant, to feel similar even when different, and to feel united in our need to communicate with each other.

The entire Lualdi team thanks all the participants. The most beautiful images among the many we have been tagged in will become the protagonists of an exclusive event to be held in the fall of 2020. We’ll soon give you more details about it.

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Thanks again!

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