Here comes Welcome, the first collection of accessories born from the partnership between Lualdi and Philippe Starck 

It’s called Welcome and it’s the first Lualdi collection by Philippe Starck.

Designed for hotels, the soul of the project consists of a system of accessories – handle, step marker and number, but also a tablet – which comes to life on the door. The door is then transformed into an actual service surface for the hotel guest, and can be used for facial recognition, room heating, welcome, protection and even to send messages.

Pierluigi Lualdi, head of the Contract area of the Italian brand, explains: “The Hospitality sector is very challenging because it requires an extreme ability in terms of product customization, a service in which Lualdi has always distinguished itself.”

The Welcome collection responds to this specific requirement, since all its accessories are customizable and adaptable to the aesthetics of each type of hotel.

“We have established a fruitful collaboration with Philippe Starck,” continues Pierluigi Lualdi. “We love his provocative pencil and his attitude in creating objects featuring original shapes. Philippe defines himself as an explorer of the future and, with him, we have indeed designed an object that projects itself into the future, inventing a time when the door not only serves as a passage between different settings, but also provides services and interacts with people.”

Starck’s creativity meets the synergistic approach that has always been an integral part of the Lualdi brand: a flawless blend of the most advanced aspect of industrial production and the ability to tailor products and material processing. The result is a futuristic collection, which imagines and interprets a new way of conceiving the hospitality spaces through an avant-garde vision and can anticipate the demands of an industry that is extremely dynamic by its very nature.

Philippe Starck comments: “The door is a vital element that I use a lot in my projects. A door is not an object, it is a moment, an action, the beginning of a story. A door is always extraordinary because it unites two sides, two worlds. A door is a mystery, a drama, a work.”

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