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L7 Plus

Piero Lissoni

Glass and aluminum sliding door

Evolution of the L7 system, the L7 Plus glass interior sliding door enhances the surrounding space thanks to the graphic design given by the aluminum strips that make up the frame.
Designed by Piero Lissoni in 2018, it is an ethereal and elegant design door with the ability to define residential settings and workspaces and make them communicate with each other.
Configurable in different systems made of sliding and fixed panels, L7 Plus is a highly versatile interior door that is contemporary in terms of design and materials but classic in terms of aesthetics.

Finiture disponibili

A complete range of glass

The range of finishes for the L7 Plus internal glass door includes the most heterogeneous and sophisticated glasses.

* images, colors and finishes are an example

  • Backpainted Glasses

    Pure White - Backpainted Glasses
    Chalk White - Backpainted Glasses
    Ivory - Backpainted Glasses
    Lime Gray - Backpainted Glasses
    Dove Gray - Backpainted Glasses
    Clay - Backpainted Glasses
    Iron Gray - Backpainted Glasses
  • Glasses

    Transparent Extraclear - Glasses
    Satin Extraclear - Glasses
    Reflective Extraclear - Glasses
    Transparent bronze - Glasses
    Satin bronze - Glasses
    Reflective Bronze - Glasses
    Transparent Grey - Glasses
    Satin Grey - Glasses
    Reflective Grey - Glasses
    Extraclear Opaline - Glasses
    Stratified Mirror - Glasses
  • Special Glasses

    Marks Extraclear - Special Glasses
    Marks Extraclear Satin - Special Glasses
    Transparent Extraclear Flutes - Special Glasses
    Transparent Grey Flutes - Special Glasses
  • Aluminum

    Matt White - Aluminum
    Natural - Aluminum
    Brushed Brill - Aluminum
    Matt Black - Aluminum
    Bronze - Aluminum

Available handles

Design and essentiality for the L7 Plus sliding door

The Lualdi range of handles is designed to integrate itself with the L7 Plus aluminum and glass sliding door thanks to its essential design, which works in synergy with the system configuration and creates a minimalist and homogeneous visual impact.

L7 Plus interior sliding door

Technical description

The L7 Plus aluminum and glass door is fitted with a 41-mm thick aluminum frame to be configured in different systems of sliding and fixed panels. The sliding system is available with a 6-mm thick safety glass and aluminum profile, and includes the handle.

Available in the single and double rail version in its internal, external and recessed rail version, the L7 Plus interior door is versatile even in terms of configurations: single external panel, internal or external double, triple or quadruple panels. This last option also includes a version with four external panels with a dragging system.

Il Designer: Piero Lissoni

A legend of Italian minimalism, Piero Lissoni has cultivated his international reputation by focussing on the creation of sleek, essential designs.

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