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The sliding interior door that creates walls

Inspired by the traditional Japanese house’ slender and extensive mobile surfaces, Shoin is a system of sliding doors and fixed glass panels with one or two rails, designed to create walls. The panels are fixed within a slim aluminum frame, flush with the external side of the composition. 

The Shoin sliding door creates a fluid and flexible system that divides the indoor spaces guaranteeing the maximum penetration of light and continuity between different settings.   

Shoin transforms settings into luminous crystal boxes that lightly define spaces within spaces.

Finiture disponibili

Shoin sliding door: finishes

For the Shoin sliding glass door, the range of finishes includes the most heterogeneous and sophisticated glasses.

* images, colors and finishes are an example

  • Glasses

    Transparent Extraclear - Glasses
    Satin Extraclear - Glasses
    Reflective Extraclear - Glasses
    Reflective Grey - Glasses
    Satin Grey - Glasses
    Transparent Grey - Glasses
    Transparent bronze - Glasses
    Satin bronze - Glasses
    Reflective Bronze - Glasses
  • Special Glasses

    Marks Extraclear - Special Glasses
    Marks Extraclear Satin - Special Glasses
    Transparent Extraclear Flutes - Special Glasses
    Transparent Grey Flutes - Special Glasses
  • Aluminum

    Matt White - Aluminum
    Natural - Aluminum
    Brushed Brill - Aluminum
    Matt Black - Aluminum
    Bronze - Aluminum

Available handles

Design and essentiality for the Shoin design door

The Lualdi range of handles is designed to integrate with the Shoin door thanks to its essential design, which works in synergy with the system configuration and creates a minimalist and homogeneous visual impact.

Shoin: a wood or glass sliding door

Technical description

Shoin is a sliding glass panel door fitted with a 50-mm thick leaf that can be configured in different systems made of sliding and fixed panels. This exclusive system for composing internal walls is available with 6-mm thick tempered glass and aluminum profile

The rail features an advanced shock absorber system and trolley with a height adjustment mechanism that remains hidden from view. The handle is included.

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