Boiserie Edge

custom panelling

Edges, by Marco Piva, interprets the door as a flexible and innovative element, able to expand into the surrounding surfaces as decorative facing. A sophisticated architectural extension, boiserie Edge is able to characterize the space thanks to the characteristic cuts of the panel that lend volume to a normally two-dimensional surface. The delicate and geometric relief pattern plays with light and shadow, bestowing unprecedented grace on the passage between rooms and spaces.

Technical Description

Edge boiserie is made using shaped panels, one side only. Finishes: matte lacquer paint. Dimensions: width from 600 mm up to 1200 mm; height max 3000 mm.


Elegant and essential design for the range of Lualdi handles that complement the different models of doors


The range of finishes for the Lualdi doors includes the finest woods, metals and a palette of gloss and matt lacquered colors

* illustrations, colours and finishes are provided solely by way of example

Matte Lacquer Finish
Matte Lacquer Finish
Chalk White
Lime Grey
Dove Grey
Iron Grey
Ferrari Red
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