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Edges is the new collection of doors, designed by Marco Piva for Lualdi, born from a desire  to give a three-dimensional form to an object that is usually "flat", creating a feeling of volume that confers a new visual significance without affecting functionality. Through the distinctive folding effect of the front panels, the doors becomes "works", new volumes that come together in a form that is normally two-dimensional and that is intended to interact with the lights and shadows of the spaces they inhabit. Edge is a meeting of geometries, volumes and surfaces that play on visual perception and trasform the door, a "connecting" element between home and office environments, into a new exponent of the living area. Three versions are available. Edge One, an impression of a symmetrical cut, a 45 degree camber on four sides for a refined elegance. Edge Two plays with the idea of profiling on just one side of the door, with the cut that disappears in opposite corners. Edge Three plays on the reflections and the tilt of the cut to great visual effect.

Technical Description

Swing wood door 55-63 mm thickness. Magnetic lockset, concealed hinges and antgi-noise gasket included. Aluminium frame to be installed without any subframe.


Elegant and essential design for the range of Lualdi handles that complement the different models of doors.


The range of finishes for the Lualdi doors includes the finest woods, metals and a palette of gloss and matt lacquered colors

* illustrations, colours and finishes are provided solely by way of example

Matte Lacquer Finish
Matte Lacquer Finish
Chalk White
Lime Grey
Dove Grey
Iron Grey
Ferrari Red
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