Boiserie Edge 

Custom paneling for wall cladding 

The Edge boiserie, designed for Lualdi by the architect Marco Piva, interprets the door wall as a flexible and innovative element, expanding into the surrounding surfaces as decorative facing.

A sophisticated architectural extension of the Edge interior door, the Edge boiserie characterizes the space and is immediately recognizable thanks to its distinctive cuts of the panel, which lend volume to a typically two-dimensional surface. The delicate geometric relief pattern plays with light and shadow, bestowing unprecedented grace on the passage between rooms and spaces.

Edge bespoke boiserie 

Technical description 

Lualdi’s Edge boiserie is manufactured using shaped panels, one side only in the matte lacquer paint finish. Dimensions: width 600 mm up to 1200 mm; height max 3000 mm.

Our designers are available to define the most suitable solution for each specific aesthetic and functional requirement.

Available handles 

A versatile range for the Edge boiserie 

The range of Lualdi handles is wide and varied, designed to integrate with any type of Edge boiserie project.

Matte Lacquer Finish

Made-to-design Edge boiserie: finishes 

A wide range of solutions: from wood to metal, to lacquered 

The Lualdi line-up includes the most noble wooden essences, metals and a palette of glossy and opaque lacquered colours

Images, colors and finishes are an example

Matte lacquer paint








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