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Collaborazioni con i designer

At Lualdi, each project is an act of creation that builds on an ever-evolving legacy of expertise and research. Its time-honoured collaboration with leading architects  in the national and international arena requires a certain approach to innovation, an approach in which materials, shapes, and colours pave the way for a cultural journey  towards the development of increasingly sophisticated and totally unprecedented architectural concepts.

Piero Lissoni

A legend of Italian minimalism, Piero Lissoni has cultivated his international reputation by focussing on the creation of sleek, essential designs.

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This is the architecture and interior design firm founded in 2000 in Venice by Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani and Andrea Destefanis.

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Robert A.M. Stern

American architect, university professor, theorist and academic, Robert A.M. Stern marked the history of postmodernism.

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Marco Piva

A daring traveller with a passion for physics and astronomy, Marco Piva is one of the most internationally renowned names in Italian architecture.

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Luigi Caccia Dominioni

Kind, rational innovation is the hallmark of the work of Luigi Caccia Dominioni, the architect the world associates with Milan.

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Philippe Starck

Inventor, creator, architect, designer, artistic director… Philippe Starck is a citizen of the world who considers it his duty to share his subversive ethical vision of a more just planet.

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SBGA – Blengini Ghirardelli

SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli is a Milan-based design studio, founded in 2017 by Giuseppe Blengini and Agostino Ghirardelli.

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Andrea Boschetti

Architect and city expert, Andrea Boschetti founded in 2000 Metrogramma.

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Steve Leung

Steve Leung Design Group was founded in 1997 by Mr Steve Leung, a globally acclaimed architect, interior and product designer.

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