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Sliding doors

Achieve continuity with interior sliding doors that complement the space. Glass or wood, opaque or transparent, our pocket doors and sliding panels will integrate harmoniously with the architecture and furnishings.

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The advantages of Lualdi’s products

When it comes to sliding doors, tailored-made furniture and mill work, Lualdi’s influence has been steadily growing as a result of our constant attention to detail. We have extended our reach beyond our Italian hometown while maintaining the family company’s DNA and values at the core of everything that we do.

Our customers, which include architects and professional interior designers, have remained satisfied throughout the years by the excellent quality of our products, our professionalism and our revolutionary manufacturing processes which allow us to scale production without compromising on the quality.

Lualdi’s Sliding Doors

Maximize and fluidity the space with Lualdi’s interior sliding doors. Pocket doors and sliding panels are a great way to separate two rooms without having to compromise on space. If you want to make the space seem bigger and airier, you can opt for a transparent glass sliding door. On the other hand, you can go for a wooden or opaque sliding door if privacy is required.
We pride ourselves on always making sure that our doors are built with the best materials to ensure they stand the test of time and our sliding doors are no exception to this.

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