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Lualdi offers a complete range of doors and partition systems for interior architecture. A modular and versatile universe made up of swing doors, sliding doors, partitions and dividers, pivot doors, boiserie, Rasomuro doors and custom-made furniture, designed to blend spontaneously into any décor.

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The advantages of Lualdi products

Lualdi doors, boiseries and partitions are real architectural systems that tell spaces in continuous evolution, marked by rhythm, proportions and materiality. Here, the function of design is to involve all the senses and explore the narrative potential of each place through the essentiality of lines and volumes. Materials, surfaces and colors tell stories and shape design ideas through their structure.

The language that unites all of our creations is characterized by the three-dimensionality of the surfaces that redefine the spaces through a functional and innovative aesthetic. The rationale is to create environments characterized by absolute harmony, sculpted by geometries of light and shadow lines, leading the observer along an itinerary of aesthetic and technological research.

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