Matrix is the finish created by the combination of three different carvings. The purity of solid wood is enhanced by patterns, conferring dynamism and decorative impact to products.


Koan combines the brightness of precious glass and metal finishes with the warmth of wood, creating a perfect cohesion of technology and tradition. The combination of vertical slats

L7 plus

Evolution of the L7 system, L7 Plus enhances the surrounding space thanks to the graphic design given by the aluminum strips.

Private House Milano

Progetto Studio Libeskind New York e SBGA, 2017. City Life – Residenze Libeskind. Realizzazione di: sistema Wall&Door laccato opaco con ante pivotanti e maniglie fresare; sistema

Rasovetro 55s

Rasovetro derives from Rasomuro and shares all its characteristics, such as the concealed hinges and the aluminium jamb.

Shoin pivot

The light presence of Shoin pivot creates well-defined and welcoming environments, luminous boxes traversed by light. Integratable with fixed panels, the ethereal pivoting door is distinguished by its great formal purity.

Lualdi Porte Spa, via Kennedy, 20010 Marcallo con Casone, Milano - Iscrizione Ufficio Registro Imprese di Milano con nr MI - 1321204. Capitale sociale € 740.000 i.v. – C.F. e P.IVA IT09824900154