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Lualdi is a legendary name in the history of Italian design for interior doors, custom-made furniture and mill work, both residential and contract, and is currently managed by the fourth generation of the family. Our industrial breakthrough began in the sixties through the close collaboration established with the architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni. Today the company works with many internationally renowned architect’s firm, through our showrooms in Milan, New York, and Miami, and our leadership in the field is recognized internationally.


Quality of the product and excellence in manufacturing processes have always formed the core values of Lualdi. The company’s considerable expertise and rich knowledge combine the quality of traditional craftsmanship with the most advanced industrial production techniques. Corporate social responsibility is a cornerstone of its philosophy and its daily commitment to environmental protection, and use of socially and ecologically sustainable materials and resources.


The earliest records on the activities of the family business date back to 1859, when Carlo Lualdi established a carpenter’s shop in Marcallo for the production of custom-made furniture. In the mid-fifties Lualdi began an intense collaboration with the architects of the Milanese bourgeoisie: Vico Magistretti, Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Ignazio Gardella, Roberto Menghi, Marco Zanuso and Luigi Caccia Dominioni, with whom the company established a deep and lasting agreement, that consolidated in time, and that led to the company’s industrial breakthrough. In the nineties Lualdi began to expand globally into the USA and the UK and starting collaborations with renowned architects. At the beginning of the new millennium the company opens in USA Lualdi Inc., with showrooms in New York and Miami continuing the expansion of the manufacturing plant in Marcallo.


Collaboration with architects and designers is one of the company’s strengths. Some models of doors were born in symbiosis with the designers for specific projects and have gone beyond the context of the individual project to become timeless icons of Lualdi’s production, marking the stages of a continuous path of technological and analytical research, experimentation and innovation

Luigi Caccia Dominioni
Architect and urban planner, from the 1950s onwards he was the leading designer among the Milanese bourgeoisie. The LCD door, 1962, and the Super door, 1981, are the first true products of industrial design, and are the company’s most emblematic icons.

Erik Morvan
The French architect designed the Outline door, a real architectural element capable of defining the space with its pure volume.

Robert A.M. Stern
Internationally renowned American architect, writer, Dean of the faculty of architecture at Yale, has designed the Avenue door, reminiscent of the style of the New York apartments in the 1930s.

David Rockwell
Architect, founder of Rockwell Group of New York, author of the UPtown, MIDtown and DOWNtown doors inspired by the hand-carved doors in the atrium of the Chambers Hotel that he himself designed.

Piero Lissoni
One of the most famous contemporary architects, founder of Lissoni Associati and GraphX, he is the author of the L16 door, which won the Compasso D’Oro Prize in 2014.

Marco Piva
Internationally renowned architect and designer, author of the Edges doors collection, which were born from his desire to create a visually volumetric effect on a two-dimensional surface.


Foro Buonaparte 74 Located in the former Teatro Olimpia in the city center, the space is dedicated to architects, contractors and the general public.
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New York
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318 NE 80 Terrace North Miami, the art and design district of Miami, is a perfect setting to showcase the design of the Lualdi doors.
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