Swing door

The Altaj interior door, designed by SBGA | Blengini – Ghirardelli, is conceived to go way beyond the minimalism of flush-to-the-wall doors. The model does not disappear into the wall but is instead enhanced by the metal profile that frames the door and projects it forward.

Given its lightness, Altaj can be covered with different and precious materials, from wood to leather.

Pivoting, with an aluminum frame, Altaj comes with new refined finishes such as the two-tone Chocolat wood textures and woven leather.

12 MAY 2022

Compass 55

The highly stylish pivoting door

Compass 55 is a flush-to-the-wall pivoting door characterized by a honeycombed structure and an aluminum frame.

Perfectly coplanar and equipped with a pivoting leaf, Compass 55 can be compared to a large, silent stage curtain, enabling areas to communicate with absolute lightness.

16 MAY 2022


The external wall door

The Drive external wall door combines a sliding door and a telescopic rail designed to be installed directly on the wall. It can be read as a surface leaning against the wall.

This high-quality sliding door features an invisible technology and creates an effect of extraordinary lightness. 

12 MAY 2022


Modern-style swing door

The Edge collection of interior doors by designer Marco Piva stems from the desire to give a three-dimensional form to an object that is usually “flat”, creating a volumetric effect that provides the element with a new visual significance, all without affecting functionality.

The leaf of the hinged door with concealed hinges shows a symmetrical cut with a 45-degree bend on four sides, which helps to create a new volume in a usually two-dimensional body, playing with the lights and shadows of the surrounding space.

The Edge design door is a meeting of geometries, volumes and surfaces that give new emphasis to passages.

16 MAY 2022


The contemporary door by Piero Lissoni

The lightness of aluminum and the brightness of glass meet Piero Lissoni’s design and Lualdi’s technical background. As a result, L7is a contemporary door in terms of concept, use of materials and technologies, but classic when it comes to aesthetics.

With its clear and essential line, this design door can furnish the most diverse spaces thanks to well-selected finishes that play with the light and transparency of glass and the sophisticated elegance of metal.

As a sliding door, L7 creates perfect and customized solutions that define residential and professional spaces. Punctuated by the lustrous lines of the frames, the glass surfaces are illuminated by beautiful hues and shades of color.

13 MAY 2022

L7 Bi-folding

A system of folding doors

The L7 Bi-folding represents a further evolution of the iconic L7 family, designed for Lualdi by Piero Lissoni. A system of folding doors is born, designed to delimit, characterize and define also the most intimate domestic spaces. It retains the intangibility and lightness of the original collection, as well as the possibility of customizing the finishes in glass and aluminium.

1 JUNE 2022

L7 Pocket Door

The contemporary door signed Piero Lissoni

In the sliding pocket door version, the L7 door creates perfect solutions, cut to size, to define domestic and working spaces. Scanned by the shiny lines of the frames, the glass surfaces are lit by the beauty of the reflections and shades of color.

18 MAY 2022

Rasoline 55s

A flush-to-the-wall swing door

The Rasoline 55s internal door is contemporary-looking design work that integrates perfectly with the wall and surrounding architecture. It is a flush-to-the-wall swing door with a honeycombed panel and an aluminum frame.

Rasoline 55s marks the transition from one space to another by wearing different finishes on the surface of its two sides, which interact with the surrounding spaces, elegantly complementing their characteristics. An elemental metal edging available in different finishes contains them, showing both a structural and decorative function.

You can request special finishes for total customization for the surfaces of the two sides, which translates into product flexibility and versatility

16 MAY 2022

Rasomuro 55s

Internal swing door

The Rasomuro 55s collection of internal swing doors is the natural evolution of the historical Rasomuro model, from which it incorporates the technical features that were so pivotal to its success.

Thanks to the concealed himges, the substantial thickness and the invisible aluminum doorjamb, Rasomuro 55s is a design door that assimilates with the wall with perfect camouflage.

Rasomuro 55s is an architectural element that moves from one space to the next thanks to an elusive, exclusive and almost immaterial design.

13 MAY 2022

Rasotouch 55s

Flush-to-the-wall door with invisible handle

The Rasotouch 55s interior door is the most invisible model of the series, created to disappear entirely into the surrounding space.

Rasotouch 55s becomes, in fact, an authentic architectural element that makes the space harmonious and harmonious. The recessed handle is a touch of perfect elegance:  a vertical cut runs along with the door in the simplest of forms – a straight line.

The design is by Cairoli & Donzelli.

16 MAY 2022