Swing door

The Altaj interior door, designed by SBGA | Blengini – Ghirardelli, is conceived to go way beyond the minimalism of flush-to-the-wall doors. The model does not disappear into the wall but is instead enhanced by the metal profile that frames the door and projects it forward.

Given its lightness, Altaj can be covered with different and precious materials, from wood to leather.

Pivoting, with an aluminum frame, Altaj comes with new refined finishes such as the two-tone Chocolat wood textures and woven leather.

12 MAY 2022


Customized contemporary-style boiserie

Lualdi reinterprets the very concept of boiserie in contemporary terms. Boiserie by Lualdi is more than just an architectural element: it is a new concept of bespoke furniture, capable of conferring personality to the partitions of the settings.

16 MAY 2022


Boiserie in stile contemporaneo eseguite su disegno

Designed by Piero Lissoni, Chocolat is the finish that makes three-dimensional geometries the leitmotif of its design. The square or rectangular carving repeated in a serial and symmetrical manner over the entire surface makes the door of the product on which an interior element is applied capable of characterizing the spaces.

18 MAY 2022

Compass 55

The highly stylish pivoting door

Compass 55 is a flush-to-the-wall pivoting door characterized by a honeycombed structure and an aluminum frame.

Perfectly coplanar and equipped with a pivoting leaf, Compass 55 can be compared to a large, silent stage curtain, enabling areas to communicate with absolute lightness.

16 MAY 2022


The external wall door

The Drive external wall door combines a sliding door and a telescopic rail designed to be installed directly on the wall. It can be read as a surface leaning against the wall.

This high-quality sliding door features an invisible technology and creates an effect of extraordinary lightness. 

12 MAY 2022

Filo 55s/t

The contemporary door with a wood jamb and trim

Filo 55s/t is the contemporary-looking swing door designed for settings with a minimalistic, refined design.

This interior door is part of a collection of traditional historical memory, here reinterpreted in a contemporary style both in its expressive language, which becomes incredibly light and in tune with the entirety of the interiors, and design. With the frame and walls perfectly flush, Filo 55s/t’s slim line blends with the purity of the surfaces. Moreover, thanks to the reversed edge and the opening to the interior, it confers a stylish continuity effect with the sides of the corridor.

This modern-looking door with a wood jamb is versatile and adaptable to solid wall, plasterboard and moveable wall systems.

13 MAY 2022


Glass, wood and aluminum sliding door

Designed by Kokaistudios, the Koan interior door combines the brightness of glass and aluminum with the material warmth typical of woodcreating a perfect cohesion between technology and tradition.

This interior sliding door features an unprecedented combination of vertical slats that alternate on varying lengths. This exclusive configuration further emphasizes the precious value of the glazed panel and creates a real scenographic cut out of the space beyond the door.

Ideal for installation in modern, contemporary or classic settings, the Koan sliding dooris the great protagonist of the spaces: not only a highly functional and technologically advanced element but, most of all, a design piece.

13 MAY 2022

Koan Plus

The configurable system of fixed and sliding panels

Evolution of the Koan model, the configurable system consisting of fixed and sliding panels KOAN PLUS combines the warmth of wood with the brightness of glass and aluminum. The result is pure geometry on the one hand, and perfect cohesion between technology and oriental-inspired tradition on the other.

Designed by Kokaistudios for Lualdi, Koan Plus is also a synergy between sartorial processing of materials and product engineering, and is an ideal solution for large-scale contract projects. Reinterpreting the concept of Chinese mobile partitions in a contemporary way, it represents the first of a long series of evolutions inspired by the traditional decorations of the culture of the Asian country.

Particularly noteworthy is the Koan Plus production process, which sees every single product engineered and put into production on a project basis. It is therefore not a “series” product, but rather the epitome of customization.

13 MAY 2022

L7 Large

The interior door with aluminum frame

The lightness of aluminum and the brightness of glass meet Piero Lissoni’s design and Lualdi’s technical background: L7 Large is a contemporary-looking interior door in terms of concept, use of materials and technologies, but classic when it comes to aesthetics.

With its clear and essential line, the L7 Large design door can furnish the most diverse spaces thanks to well-selected finishes that play with the light and transparency of glass and the sophisticated elegance of metal.

L7 Large represents a suave and functional presence, able to gracefully coexist in modern-looking spaces.

13 MAY 2022


The interior door with aluminum jambs

Designed by Piero Lissoni, the L41 interior design door features a thin metal jamb that enhances its light profile.

It is an original presence, capable of enhancing the space with its sophisticated line resulting from the contrast between the depth effect of the high-tech aluminum jamb and the flushness of the wall and door: an exclusive door that gives personality and visual lightness to your indoor spaces.

7 APRIL 2022