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Lualdi partner of Courmayeur Design Week-end 2023

VERSOlaMETA (“Towards the Destination”) is the theme of Courmayeur Design Week-end 2023, scheduled from 9th to 12th February and now in its third edition. More than just a play on words alluding to the METAVERSE, the title is also a link between the reality we know and reckon with, and this virtual, abstract and perfect world becoming increasingly more fascinating and intriguing.


Courmayeur Design Week-end is in fact, before all else, an event where the power of relationships and the connection with a special territory create a microcosm where designers, companies and design experts interact over a long weekend at the foot and summit of Mount Blanc.

A partnership, that between Lualdi and Courmayeur Design Week-end, built on shared founding values. Those tied to a “community” that transcends the boundaries of the virtual and draws on its roots, back when the term “community” evoked both intimate sharing among a select few, and extensive commonality among many.

Adriano Olivetti, an early advocate of the cultural role entrusted to entrepreneurs, once described “Enterprise as a ‘community’ of intentions and interests. Enterprise as an ‘expression of living’ in which numerous parties, each with their own unique interests, work together to accomplish a set of overarching goals well beyond their individual interests. Enterprise envisioned as an historical social being in constant relation with the physical, social and cultural environment.”

Architect and art director of Lualdi, Piero Lissoni, will be the main keynote speaker of the third edition of Courmayeur Design Week-end.
“Talking about a door is a serious thing. A door is a serious thing. It’s not just a simple hole in the wall: a door is an element full of meaning, an entity in itself that controls and looks after the space.” A door is the most evocative design element linking spaces and people.

Design TED is dedicated to enthusiasts and industry operators, and the event, led by journalist Giorgio Tartaro, will see Lualdi talking about its own business and achievements on Thursday 9th February, at 5.30pm, at the Courmayeur Conference centre.

And while the capacity to create and nurture relationships continues to be the main characteristic of Courmayeur Design Week-end, there will be no lack of entertainment, thanks also to Lualdi.

The Courmayeur Dolonne cable car will be transformed into a design gallery suspended above the landscape. Lualdi will communicate its vision of contemporary living and brand values by interpreting one of the cabins.
The capsule, customised inside and out, becomes an elegant and cosy corner of the home thanks to the reproduction on the surface of textures and materials such as wood, aluminium and glass expressed by Koan, and the Matrix finish applied to the Wall&Door boiserie, representing a perfect synthesis of technological ability and tradition.

And in the meantime, thanks to augmented reality, furniture appears on the slopes offering the public an interactive experience that literally “opens the doors” to the Lualdi world.
Suffice it to simply frame the QR code displayed on the side supports of the slopes to transform the natural setting into a photographic set. The L41 door designed by Piero Lissoni is the star of the show, with its elegant and light contours exposing the beauty of the natural landscape and serving as a portal to Lualdi’s Milanese showroom.
A furnished snow-white landscape, both real and virtual, to be captured and shared on instagram (the event’s official hashtag is #CDWE23).

Lualdi is the main sponsor of the traditional skiCAD, a ski and snowboard competition for architects, designers, journalists and companies. The white arena will be transformed into an outdoor showroom: beginning at the starting gate, the doors tracing out the route will showcase a selection of products illustrating the brand’s proposal.
The appointment is on Friday at 10am at Plan Checrouit.
At the end of the race, the trophy, designed by Progetto CMR and created by Lualdi, will conceptually embody craftsmanship, a close-knit relationship with designers, and attention to materials.

Courmayeur Design Week-end 2023 is organised by Studio Coronel in partnership with Courmayeur Mont Blanc.



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