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Milan Design Week 2023


Lualdi Flagship store
Foro Buonaparte 74 – Milan

At Design Week 2023 in Milan, Lualdi presented GLASS CODE, an installation designed by Maurizio Lai that has transformed its showroom into an abstract and mesmerising gallery. Glass is the absolute protagonist while light, shapes, refractions and reflections merge in an evocative path that invites visitors to explore the theme of threshold and imagination.

Lai, architect and set designer, wanted to explore the idea of a door as a subtle boundary between distinct spaces, delving into the experiential and emotional sphere of opening and passage. Glass, with its transparency and capacity to create different shapes and reflections, perfectly lends itself to this concept, conveying a sensation of lightness and suspension.

The exhibition path is designed as an illusion of sorts, split into two complementary stages. On the ground floor, a tight sequence of light stopsol sheets helps create an accelerated perspective, emphasised by bright accents. On the upper floor, the theme of the portal is expressed through the development of a 4-metre high totemic artistic element.

Abstract forms and colours are created by the play of reflections and projections on the glass and mirrors, where the skilfully applied light creates a seductive and surreal atmosphere that seems to defy the laws of physics and the plane of reality.

The space invites visitors to explore the infinite possibilities of glass and to experiment with its perception.
The result is a unique experience: a space where architectural objects and elements blend and multiply in the light, creating suggestions.

The installation becomes much more than a visual experience, encouraging visitors to reflect on the relationship between space and matter and art’s ability to open up new horizons of thought.

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