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Places: learning spaces

Lualdi, which has always followed the evolution of design and architecture, and not strictly in terms of aesthetics and function, has witnessed a profound shift in the way spaces are being designed, with a greater emphasis on the interaction between people and the places where they live and work.
A physiological evolution dictated by several enabling factors. Accessible technology, a focus on personal well-being, environmental awareness, and dialogue with the context.

Lualdi seeks to explore these themes by involving architects, designers and multidisciplinary figures able to offer different interpretations to create a discussion rich in ideas and unorthodox perspectives.
During these meetings, the various aspects of how space is conceived will be examined in relation to the specific context, to better understand how design is now the result of synergistic thinking.

Does the interplay between people, space and technology become the driving force behind the transformation of places?
We will attempt to find the answers and identify a common thread during four talks providing a broad overview of the relationship between people and places, exploring the various aspects of spatial design with the input of experts from various fields.
The talks aim to offer a multidisciplinary perspective on the subject, enriching the discussion with new points of view and different approaches.

Starting with a case study, each appointment at the Milan showroom at Foro Buonaparte 74 addresses a specific aspect of everyday life, stimulating debate and new reflections, moderated by Marina Jonna, architect and journalist.
The first meeting is dedicated to LEARNING PLACES and defining the link between physical space and learning.
Society has recently experienced critical events that have tremendously impacted students. The pandemic and isolation, rising rents and career prospects have significantly affected the dropout rate.

In addition to improving the educational offer to attract Italian and international students, can the design of their learning space, interaction and services also lead to a change of course?
This issue was discussed by:

  • Davide Gai, Director of Marketing and Strategy, President Cabinet Member, Franklin University Switzerland
  • Flaviano Capriotti, Architetto Flavio Capriotti Architetti
  • Elena Granata, docente di Urbanistica Politecnico di Milano e Founder di Venture Thinking

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