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Piero Lissoni

System of walls, doors and doors in a contemporary style

Designed by Piero Lissoni, Matrix is a finish that can be applied to various Lualdi products, from the boiserie to the door, which gives dynamism to the furnishing systems, making them flexible, innovative and highly decorative architectural elements. From the combination of three different carvings graphic games of lines and shadows are born, able to give new life to the solid purity of the wood.

Finiture disponibili

A full range of options for total customization

The Matrix finish is available only in the canaletto walnut version.

* images, colors and finishes are an example

  • Woods

    Matrix A - Woods
    Matrix B - Woods
    Matrix C - Woods

Available handles

Design and essentiality for the contemporary boiserie

The Lualdi range of handles is designed to integrate with the paneling in a fluid and synergistic way.
With simple handle or equipped with key, ratchet or safety cylinder.

  • Lualdi

  • Martina

  • Push&Pull

  • Outline

  • Ishi

  • Edge

Partition system

Technical features

Solid wood panel composed of three different reliefs. Applicable only on one side to the Wall & Door, Rasomuro 55s, Rasoline 55s, Compass 55, Filo 55 models and to sliding doors with a thickness of 50mm. For the Boiserie it is possible to select a single relief from the three available.

Il Designer: Piero Lissoni

A legend of Italian minimalism, Piero Lissoni has cultivated his international reputation by focussing on the creation of sleek, essential designs.

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