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Filo 55s/t

The contemporary door with a wood jamb and trim

Filo 55s/t is the contemporary-looking swing door designed for settings with a minimalistic, refined design.

This interior door is part of a collection of traditional historical memory, here reinterpreted in a contemporary style both in its expressive language, which becomes incredibly light and in tune with the entirety of the interiors, and design. With the frame and walls perfectly flush, Filo 55s/t’s slim line blends with the purity of the surfaces. Moreover, thanks to the reversed edge and the opening to the interior, it confers a stylish continuity effect with the sides of the corridor.

This modern-looking door with a wood jamb is versatile and adaptable to solid wall, plasterboard and moveable wall systems.

Available finishes

A complete range: from wood to metal, to gloss and matt lacquered colors

For the Filo 55s/t flush door, the range of finishes by Lualdi includes the noblest wood essences and a palette of gloss and matt lacquered colors.

* images, colors and finishes are an example

  • Gloss Lacquer Finish

    Pure white - Gloss Lacquer Finish
    Chalk White - Gloss Lacquer Finish
    Ivory - Gloss Lacquer Finish
    Lime Gray - Gloss Lacquer Finish
    Dove Grey - Gloss Lacquer Finish
    Clay - Gloss Lacquer Finish
    Iron Grey - Gloss Lacquer Finish
  • Matte Lacquer Finish

    Pure white - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Chalk White - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Ivory - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Lime Gray - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Dove Grey - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Clay - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Iron Grey - Matte Lacquer Finish
  • Woods

    Natural Oak - Woods
    Rovere Sbaincato - Woods
    Canaletto Walnut - Woods
    Moka Oak - Woods

Available handles

A versatile range for the Filo 55s/t design door

The range of Lualdi handles is wide and versatile, with an essential and elegant look designed to integrate well with the Filo 55s/t door.

  • Lualdi

  • Martina

  • Push&Pull

  • Outline

  • Ishi

  • Edge

Filo 55s - Assembly instructions

Filo 55t - Assembly instructions

Technical description

Filo 55s/t is a 55-mm thick swing wood door that includes a magnetic lockset, concealed hinges and an anti-noise gasket. Trim 12 mm thickness: flush with the door on the push side (filo S) or flush with the door on the pull side (filo T).

Standard telescopic wood trim for wall thickness from 105 to 130 mm; available for max wall thickness 500 mm.

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