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L7 Pocket Door

Piero Lissoni

The contemporary door signed Piero Lissoni

In the sliding pocket door version, the L7 door creates perfect solutions, cut to size, to define domestic and working spaces. Scanned by the shiny lines of the frames, the glass surfaces are lit by the beauty of the reflections and shades of color.

Available finishes

A complete range of options for total customization

The range of finishes includes the noblest wood species, a palette of glossy and opaque lacquered colors and basic, reflective, special, back-lacquered and metal mesh glass.

* images, colors and finishes are an example

  • Backlacquered Glasses

    Pure White - Backlacquered Glasses
    Chalk White - Backlacquered Glasses
    Ivory - Backlacquered Glasses
    Lime Gray - Backlacquered Glasses
    Dove Gray - Backlacquered Glasses
    Iron Gray - Backlacquered Glasses
    Clay - Backlacquered Glasses
  • Special Glasses

    Marks Extraclear - Special Glasses
    Marks Extraclear Satin - Special Glasses
    Transparent Extraclear Flutes - Special Glasses
    Transparent Grey Flutes - Special Glasses
  • Aluminium

    Natural - Aluminium
    Matt White - Aluminium
    Bronze - Aluminium
    Titanium - Aluminium
    Lead-grey - Aluminium
    Brown - Aluminium
  • Glasses

    Transparent Extraclear - Glasses
    Satin Extraclear - Glasses
    Reflective Extraclear - Glasses
    Transparent bronze - Glasses
    Satin bronze - Glasses
    Reflective Bronze - Glasses
    Transparent Grey - Glasses
    Satin Grey - Glasses
    Reflective Grey - Glasses
    Extraclear Opaline - Glasses
    Stratified Mirror - Glasses
  • Vetri Mini Flutes

    Mini Flutes transparent extraclear - Vetri Mini Flutes
    Mini Flutes satin extraclear - Vetri Mini Flutes
    Mini Flutes satin bronze - Vetri Mini Flutes
    Mini Flutes transparent bronze - Vetri Mini Flutes
    Mini Flutes transparent grey - Vetri Mini Flutes
    Mini Flutes satin grey - Vetri Mini Flutes
  • Glossy Lacquered

    Pure white - Glossy Lacquered
    Chalk White - Glossy Lacquered
    Ivory - Glossy Lacquered
    Lime Gray - Glossy Lacquered
    Dove Grey - Glossy Lacquered
    Clay - Glossy Lacquered
    Iron Grey - Glossy Lacquered
  • Matt Lacquered

    Pure white - Matt Lacquered
    Chalk White - Matt Lacquered
    Ivory - Matt Lacquered
    Lime Gray - Matt Lacquered
    Dove Grey - Matt Lacquered
    Clay - Matt Lacquered
    Iron Grey - Matt Lacquered
  • Essences

    Canaletto Walnut - Essences
    Moka Oak - Essences

Available handles

Design and essentiality for the L7 Pocket Door

L7 retractable sliding handles Ishi or L7 in the version without lock and only the Ishi model in the version with latch. The wooden door, on the other hand, includes only the Ishi handle, in the versions without lock or with pawl.

  • Ishi

  • L7

  • Door puller

L7 Pocket Door

Technical features

Door consisting of a door with telescopic aluminum jamb, to be mounted on a subframe for a retractable sliding door without jamb. The finishes available for the door are: matt lacquer, glossy lacquer, veneer or glass.

JAMB in extruded aluminum “6060” available in different standard finishes consisting of two elements with telescopic coupling suitable for boards up to 125 mm. The closing gasket, in “urethane foam”, is inserted in the aluminum frame. For wall thicknesses greater than 125 mm, suitable telescopic elements are provided.

WOODEN DOOR: 41 mm thick consisting of a panel with honeycomb structure and 4 mm mdf covers, perimeter frame in fir with a 33 x 40 mm section with reinforcements at the lock.

GLASS DOOR: single safety glass 6 or 8 mm thick with aluminum perimeter frame available in the same finishes as the jamb.

Il Designer: Piero Lissoni

A legend of Italian minimalism, Piero Lissoni has cultivated his international reputation by focussing on the creation of sleek, essential designs.

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