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Andrea Boschetti

Customizable partition system

Teatro partition system is fully customizable, an ideal instrument to meet the needs of a contract and residential market that requires highly versatile and modular spaces.

Designed by Andrea Boschetti, the Teatro system is presented in mocha oak with bronze inlay. With unlimited possibilities for customization, the project is conceived to create flexible and contemporary partition solutions suited to the design of various functional areas, from private residences to clubhouses, from executive business environments to entertainment spaces.

The multifaceted character of the customizable partition system Teatro is also expressed in the possibility to “dress” each element with different materials, colors and patterns.

Available finishes

Countless options for total customization

For our Teatro door pivoting central system, Lualdi offers a wide range of finishes that includes the noblest wooden essences, metals and a palette of glossy and opaque lacquered colors.

*Images, colors and finishes are an example

  • Gloss Lacquered Finish

    Pure White - Gloss Lacquered Finish
    Chalk White - Gloss Lacquered Finish
    Ivory - Gloss Lacquered Finish
    Lime Gray - Gloss Lacquered Finish
    Dove Gray - Gloss Lacquered Finish
    Clay - Gloss Lacquered Finish
    Iron Gray - Gloss Lacquered Finish
  • Matte Lacquer Finish

    Pure White - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Chalk White - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Ivory - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Lime Gray - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Dove Gray - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Clay - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Iron Gray - Matte Lacquer Finish
  • Woods

    Natural Oak - Woods
    Canaletto Walnut - Woods
    Thermowood Oak - Woods
    Moka Oak - Woods
    Black Fossil Oak - Woods
    Grey Oak - Woods
  • Matrix Woods

    Matrix A - Matrix Woods
    Matrix C - Matrix Woods
    Matrix B - Matrix Woods

Teatro: a wooden partition system

Technical Description

The Teatro partition system has a 55 mm-thick pivot door both in the free panels version (without rail) and synchronized opening panel version, which can be configured in different systems of central pivoting panels. The solution is offered complete with locking pins. The wooden doors have custom sizes with widths from 110 up to 600 mm. The variants include, among other things, a floor door closer with a 90 ° stop and a bronzed metal decoration (for the free panels version) and a motorized synchronized system, remote controller and bronzed metal decoration metal (for the synchronized opening panel version).

In terms of configuration, the Teatro system is available in several versions: two, three, four, five or six panel system.

Il Designer: Andrea Boschetti

Architect and city expert, Andrea Boschetti founded in 2000 Metrogramma.

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