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Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023


Lualdi is focusing on the search for and experimentation with new finishes and combinations of materials.

In 2023, Lualdi will put its creative energy towards exploring how new combinations of materials and textures can define new aesthetic and functional balances in the space. This further validates the dynamic interplay between creativity and technology that characterises the brand’s versatile production.

New designs with inventive takes on traditional materials such as glass, aluminium, wood and fabric have been on display at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The stand was the product of a long-standing partnership with Piero Lissoni, designed to showcase the expressive potential of Lualdi’s systems.
The products recreated a homelike atmosphere, defining the entrance, living area and home office. Four intimate boxes, like matryoshka dolls in which visitors can explore the great variety and versatility of the company’s products.

The company explores the potential of aluminium and glass, not only through the study of patterns and decorations that embellish and renew the product’s identity, but also by concentrating its industrial investments in a new production pole dedicated to glass-working that will sit alongside the historical plant in Marcallo con Casone.

The quest to discover wood’s untapped potential is ongoing, yielding solutions that inject furniture systems with energy, transforming them into flexible, cutting-edge architectural elements with a high decorative impact. Intricate carvings and graphic combinations of lines and shadows breathe fresh life into wood’s inherent solidity.

Lualdi also deepens the dialogue with fabrics and leathers, materials that increasingly define a reconciliation, a fusion almost, between the product and the world of furniture. These materials are used to demonstrate increasingly adaptable solutions capable of defining the visual style of the spaces they link.

All the new finishes play with light from technically different perspectives, opening up to a wide range of creative possibilities, from surface processing to overlapping patterns and the combination of different materials.

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