Customized contemporary-style boiserie

Lualdi reinterprets the very concept of boiserie in contemporary terms. Boiserie by Lualdi is more than just an architectural element: it is a new concept of bespoke furniture, capable of conferring personality to the partitions of the settings.

16 MAY 2022

Boiserie Avenue

Contemporary-looking custom paneling

The Avenue boiserie is an exclusive paneling system designed for Lualdi by the architect Robert A. M. Stern.

With its exquisite Anglo-Saxon taste, this solution is perfect for those looking for more classic style wall coverings designed on unconventionally dimensioned modules.

16 MAY 2022

Boiserie Edge

Custom paneling for wall cladding

The Edge boiserie, designed for Lualdi by the architect Marco Piva, interprets the wall as a flexible and innovative element, expanding into the surrounding surfaces as decorative facing.

A sophisticated architectural extension of the Edge interior door, the Edge boiserie characterizes the space and is immediately recognizable thanks to its distinctive cuts of the panel, which lend volume to a typically two-dimensional surface. The delicate geometric relief pattern plays with light and shadow, bestowing unprecedented grace on the passage between rooms and spaces.

16 MAY 2022


Boiserie in stile contemporaneo eseguite su disegno

Designed by Piero Lissoni, Chocolat is the finish that makes three-dimensional geometries the leitmotif of its design. The square or rectangular carving repeated in a serial and symmetrical manner over the entire surface makes the door of the product on which an interior element is applied capable of characterizing the spaces.

18 MAY 2022


System of walls, doors and doors in a contemporary style

Designed by Piero Lissoni, Matrix is a finish that can be applied to various Lualdi products, from the boiserie to the door, which gives dynamism to the furnishing systems, making them flexible, innovative and highly decorative architectural elements. From the combination of three different carvings graphic games of lines and shadows are born, able to give new life to the solid purity of the wood.

18 MAY 2022


Customizable partition system

Teatro partition system is fully customizable, an ideal instrument to meet the needs of a contract and residential market that requires highly versatile and modular spaces.

Designed by Andrea Boschetti, the Teatro system is presented in mocha oak with bronze inlay. With unlimited possibilities for customization, the project is conceived to create flexible and contemporary partition solutions suited to the design of various functional areas, from private residences to clubhouses, from executive business environments to entertainment spaces.

The multifaceted character of the customizable partition system Teatro is also expressed in the possibility to “dress” each element with different materials, colors and patterns.

17 MAY 2022


Sistema di pareti, ante e porte in stile contemporaneo

Wall&Door è un sistema che assembla pannelli modulari, ante e porte, pensato come soluzione per razionalizzare, definire e rendere più omogenee le superfici di uno stesso ambiente.
Wall&Door rivoluziona gli stilemi della boiserie classica, trasformandola in una soluzione versatile anche per gli spazi più moderni, in cui l’ottimizzazione di ogni “ambiente nell’ambiente” gioca un ruolo cruciale.

16 MAY 2022