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Boiserie Avenue

Robert A.M. Stern

Contemporary-looking custom paneling

The Avenue boiserie is an exclusive paneling system designed for Lualdi by the architect Robert A. M. Stern.

With its exquisite Anglo-Saxon taste, this solution is perfect for those looking for more classic style wall coverings designed on unconventionally dimensioned modules.

Available finishes

Una gamma completa: dal legno al metallo, al laccato

Anche per la boiserie Avenue, la gamma di finiture proposta da Lualdi comprende una palette di colori laccati opachi.

* immagini, colori e finiture sono a titolo esemplificativo

  • Matte Lacquer Finish

    Pure white - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Chalk White - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Ivory - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Lime Gray - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Dove Grey - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Clay - Matte Lacquer Finish
    Iron Grey - Matte Lacquer Finish

Available handles

A versatile range for the Avenue boiserie

The range of Lualdi handles is wide and varied, designed to integrate with any type of Avenue boiserie project.

  • Lualdi

  • Outline

  • Push&Pull

  • Martina

Bespoke Avenue boiserie

Technical description

The Avenue boiserie is made to order, using shaped panels with geometric relief on one side in matte lacquer paint. Dimensions: width from 600 mm up to 1200 mm; height max 3000 mm.

Our designers are available to define the most suitable solution for each specific aesthetic and functional requirement.

Il Designer: Robert A.M. Stern

American architect, university professor, theorist and academic, Robert A.M. Stern marked the history of postmodernism.

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